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Plumbing Maintenance Work including Water Supply and Drainage

 Whether in the middle of a plumbing crisis or just wanting to improve your water conservation program, sooner or later need of a plumbing contractor is required. If you live in Dubai with so many choices of plumbers in the area, Duroclean Technical Services has made the choice easy for you by offering unparalleled quality services, products, warranties and simply good old fashioned excellent customer service.

We offer free on-site assessment of your plumbing problems before informing you of the charges/prices and prior to the commencement of the work. The reason for this is because we want to avoid the situation of offering you a low price prior to start of the job and charging you more when we reach and have already started the work. This is to protect you as our valued customer.

  1. Leaks: Labour& materials to repair exposed copper pipe leak.
  2. Rectify water discharge into the toilet bowl by replacing new siphon.
  3. Blocked/Clogged drains.
  4. Defective sewer lines
  5. Broken and or dripping pipes.
  6. Detect water leakage in piping system.
  7. Water heaters and softeners.

Upgrade and Install:

  1. Toilets, faucets, bath tubs and drains.
  2. Water filtration systems.
  3. Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink.
  4. Water heaters and softeners
  5. Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern and flexible hose.
  6. New Appliance hook ups.
  7. Water Tank solutions.
  8. Drain lines and sump pumps.
  9. Hot / Cold water recirculation systems.

 Carpentry, Painting, and Masonry Maintenance

 Constructs, repairs, restores, and install structural woodwork and related materials.

  1. Inspect municipal buildings and facilities for needed services and repairs.
  2. Maintain doors, windows, furniture and other items.
  3. Maintain building interiors and exteriors facade.
  4. Minor Civil works maintenance requiring attention and paintings when needed.
  5. Update with building maintenance regarding building issues.
  6. Installs locks, knobs, hinges, door closers, and other fixtures to structures.
  7. Experienced and knowledgeable crew in the tools, equipments, and materials common to the carpentry trade.
  8. Equipped with adequate portable power tools (Saw Blade machine, etc…) and equipments that makes our work faster and easier to prepare the needed materials.