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Planned Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Contract (preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance including emergency calls.

• HVAC works
• Electrical works
• Plumbing works including water supply and drainage
• Carpentry, painting, masonry works

Unplanned Maintenance
One Time Jobs (corrective maintenance including emergency calls). Corrective maintenance as per client requirements and building needs related to: A/C, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and painting services.

Duroclean Technical Services LLC, Maintenance Division is the answer for your entire maintenance requirements with flexibility in what is needed. The Company offers One Time Job and Annual Maintenance Contract.

1. Preventive & Corrective Maintenance – Project Division
2. One time jobs

 Preventive & Corrective Maintenance – Project Division
1. The nature of maintenance works, which is Planned for annual contracts (Preventive & Corrective maintenance that includes emergency calls) under maintenance scope.
2. Unplanned maintenance for one time job to provide the service upon emergency call on the spot.
3. In general, each of the following phases is considered in structuring the maintenance work.
i. Define the requirement.
ii. Classify the work.
iii. Execution duration.

One Time Jobs
 The concept is on-call maintenance covering wide range of technical solutions.

 The service is offered to all segments, viz., residential and commercial buildings, private villas, apartments, banks and government departments etc.

The on-call team is equipped and prepared with modern mechanisms with the type of quick service provided. Our division units contain full team of professionals; Electrical Technician, A/C Technician, Plumber, Mason, Painter and Carpenter.

Emergency – Attend within one (1) to three (3) hours
• Major AC failure due to leakage of AC system in all of the units.
• No power, No air conditioning, or No water in a unit.
• Presence of Electrical hazard – e.g. fire, short circuit, etc…
• No water due to blocked/clogged or soiled water lines
• Major water leakage.
• Broken or damaged main door lock.

Urgent – Attend within four (6) hours
• Inadequate Air Conditioning due to minor leakage in the system.
• Low pressure water.

Normal – Attend within twenty four (24) hours
• All other calls within the scope of the contract.
• All calls which are outside of the scope of the contract. Duroclean Technical Services LLC will attend and provide quote within 2 working days but completion will depend on the approval of the quote.

Duroclean Technical Services LLC is a privately owned professional company providing facility management services to the licensed leisure and retail establishments and commercial and industrial properties and sites.

The Company is committed in protecting the health and safety of all those who can be directly or indirectly affected by our business activities and to minimize any adverse effects towards the environment.

Duroclean Technical Services LLC is determined to prevent work-related ill-health, injury, incidents and environmental pollution, by implementing and continuously improving a Health, Safety and Environment programs for the benefit of our various stakeholders.

Our HSE System covers:
 Adoption of environmentally responsible policies and practices.
 Continual improvement of policies, procedures and performance.
 Prevention of pollution and reduction of waste.
 Establishing measurable environmental objectives and targets by which to monitor ourselves against.

We further ensure all our business operations comply with our Customers environmental management requirements as appropriate.

To achieve this objective, we will:
• Ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place to protect the health and safety of the employees and all those that are affected by our activities
• Provide adequate control of the health and safety risk arising from our work activities
• Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
• Provide and maintain safe plant, tools and equipment to the clients and employees
• Ensure safe handling and use of substances
• Adequately provide information, training, instruction and supervision for employees.
• Promote a positive health, safety and environment culture within the organization
• Encourage the use of eco-friendly products in working with the clients, suppliers and subcontractors to reduce waste and emissions in conserving natural resources
• Never compromise the health and safety of the employees