Electrical Maintenance

Know in detail about our services.

  1. Replacing of fused lamps, damaged: switches, switch socket, breakers, MCCBs, ELCBs, Fuses, small wire pieces, screws, and other electrical consumables.
  2. Attending to complaints such as: short circuits, fused lamps, tripping breakers, etc…
  3. Checking the status of fans, water heaters, etc…
  4. Installation and repair of lights, switches, receptacles and ceiling fans. We will take care of these items whether they are damaged, antiquated or if you are just looking to update and improve the looks of your home or business office.
  5. Periodic visit by our service team lead by competent engineers will give a complete check up and service to your electrical systems, DBs, SMDBs, LV panel.
  6. Emergency repair during major break down within notice of 24 hours period.
  7. Preventive maintenance testing services. Ensure that your electrical components are operating properly to avoid any costly downtime issues by checking the equipment and repairing it before it fails, and will not leave your tenants in the dark.
  8. New Construction and remodelling of electrical system.
  9. Complete installation of commercial and residential electrical systems. From your dream home to your office building, we can provide complete electrical contracting services to fit whatever needs you may require.
  10. Fire, flood and storm damage repairs. Hopefully you won’t experience any of these. But if so, rest assured we can handle any of these repairs to get you back on line. Checking all electrical devices, lights and panels for any water, smoke or fire damages, or replacing the entire service system in the event of a storm that might have cause the issue.
  11. Emergency repairs.
  12. Energy savings solutions.

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