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Expert Air Conditioning Services and Maintenance

Air conditioning services and maintenance in U.A.E, can count on the high quality workmanship from Duroclean Technical Services. There are many actions that can be done not only to make your AC system keep well performing as well as using less energy as well.

Duroclean Technical Services is dedicated to help all of our customers stay comfortably cool during the hot months of the year. Beyond that, we care about saving your money on your energy bills. With the correct repairs, proper replacement, and expert maintenance service, we can make that happen.

Regular maintenance is important to make sure that the most from your A/C system is obtained. We can provide the right maintenance program for you that will keep your system in good working condition, and that fits to your budget as well.

Our energy savings maintenance programs provide you with the precision tune-ups that are recommended by your power utility and A/C manufacturer in order to maximize the units cooling, and energy efficiency.

• Fewer Repairs
• Lower Utility Bills
• Priority Customer
• No-Hassle Scheduling
• Extended Equipment Life
• Improved Cooling Capacity

What we do

1. Inspect / tighten all electrical connections
2. Compare capacitor MFD against manufacturer specifications
3. Evaluate evaporator coil and air handler cabinet
4. Measure and record amperage readings of blower and condenser fan motor
5. Check blower wheel for build-up and proper balance
6. Inspect drain pan and treat with antibacterial pan treatment
7. Clear condensate drain with shop vacuum or nitrogen
8. Verify thermostat mounting, operation, and accuracy
9. Inspect heat strip components and safety
10. Measure and record amperage from electric heat strip
11. Confirm float switch operation
12. Wash or replace air filter
13. Take temperature split to evaluate system efficiency
14. Lubricate motor and visually check condenser fan blade for damage
15. Check refrigerant pressures and verify proper heat exchange
16. Compare compressor amperage readings with manufacturers specifications
17. Inspect all electrical components for damages (contactors, defrost boards, etc.)
18. Check all valves, caps, and cores for refrigerant leaks
19. Visually inspect condenser coil and clean if necessary
20. Clean equipment exteriors and remove debris (leaves, dirt, etc…)

Electrical Maintenance Work

1. Replacing of fused lamps, damaged: switches, switch socket, breakers, MCCBs, ELCBs, Fuses, small wire pieces, screws, and other electrical consumables.
2. Attending to complaints such as: short circuits, fused lamps, tripping breakers, etc…
3. Checking the status of fans, water heaters, etc…
4. Installation and repair of lights, switches, receptacles and ceiling fans. We will take care of these items whether they are damaged, antiquated or if you are just looking to update and improve the looks of your home or business office.
5. Quarterly visit by our service team lead by competent engineers will give a complete check up and service to your electrical systems, DBs, SMDBs, LV panel.
6. Emergency repair during major break down within notice of 24 hours period.
7. Preventive maintenance testing services. Ensure that your electrical components are operating properly to avoid any costly downtime issues by checking the equipment and repairing it before it fails, and will not leave your tenants in the dark.
8. New Construction and remodelling of electrical system.
9. Complete installation of commercial and residential electrical systems. From your dream home to your office building, we can provide complete electrical contracting services to fit whatever needs you may require.
10. Fire, flood and storm damage repairs. Hopefully you won’t experience any of these. But if so, rest assured we can handle any of these repairs to get you back on line. Checking all electrical devices, lights and panels for any water, smoke or fire damages, or replacing the entire service system in the event of a storm that might have cause the issue.
11. Landscape lighting. We can repair existing or install new landscape lighting on your home or building to provide night time’s security and beauty to your structure.
12. Emergency repairs.
13. Energy savings solutions.
14. We also specialize in interior rewiring for today’s technologically advanced homes, with consultation and installation of home computer networks, security systems and energy-saving devices.